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Short DDoS war in Russian underground between botmasters #cyberthreats #ddos #Darkness #research

July, 16. Hacker KУнет ("KUnet"), a recognized member of an underground forum community, has claimed start of DDoS war against al least 26 underground forums.
These forums have contained ads of hacker SVAS (famous seller of Darkness DDoS bot, which is based on Optima botnet code) because the hacker had used another underground forum (fuckav.ru, the forum is dedicated for cryptovirology and firewall bypass) as target for test of his Darkness bot. SVAS has answered that his responce will be powerful. Also, hacker KUnet has proposed to contact administration of fuckav.ru for negotiations and has stated that he representates hacking group "Anonymous are DDoS group"
   Fuckav.ru was unavailable on June, 21. Al least part of other forums work fine.
One from 26 forums under attack - http://webcriminal.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=16534
Original claim:

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