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Little research - Google Safe Browsing's view of TOP-50 world sites

     June, 14.  I've done little research about Google Safe Browsing's view of TOP-50 world sites (using Alexa rank).

   Key results are:
  1. Most dangerous resource on the Web is Google UK with roughly 6 percents of malpages (malicious pages)
  2. But just 950 pages of Google UK were tracked in total (UK isn't Google's key market?), so next winner with about 629 thousands of pages tracked and about 32 thousands of malpages (5% from tracked) is Blogger.
  3. Google Cache contains at least 13 malpages (430 tracked) - wow! Google archives malware too?:)
  4. Twitter isn't infected and contains no links to other malpages (really?).
  5. Total scanned volume is 5 239 472 with average percentage of malpages 0,007 (35 161 pages)
  6. And most of malpages from TOP-50 was delivered by Blogger (certainly 89%) but Blogger is just 12% from total volume, so Blogger in 7,3 times more dangerous than average TOP-50 resource from Google Safe Browsing's point of view (this says about Google's honesty or..just ignorance).
  7. 30% from TOP-50 sites contains no malpages (Wikipedia, Twitter and so on)
Some diagrams are here also:
Quantity of infected sites by groups (see groups in end of post):
12 sites from most dangerous group (and related percentage)
The whole document is here (e.g. data on 14.06.2011), but Google Cloud Connect works poor, so quality isn't so well.
If any clarifications or questions are here please ping me back.


P.S. Rest of groups

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