суббота, 11 декабря 2010 г.

Ukrainian Information Security Group Conference V

December, 3. There was a conference of Ukrainian Information Security Group (the group of information security professionals in Ukraine - uisg.org.ua).

Some reports were non-technical, so, I don't comment them.
"Managing remote work" by Aleksander Chubaryk (Checkpoint) - pretty good report, where was described new issue for remote work from Checkpoint - Checkpoint Abra.
“Managing network vulnerabilities” by Vladimir Ilibman, Cisco - extremely interesting report, where Vladimir described how Cisco manages vulns on their PC&servers&network equipment using issue from RedSeal.
“Implementation IS processes” by Glib Pakharenko (Infopulse) - it was useful report, in which Glib described how to involve all departments of company into IS processes implementation and support
“Security in cloud” by Nikolay Shadrin (Zscaler) - just presentation of well-known ZScaler technologies
"Proper requirements for pen-test” by Vladimir Tkachenko (ActiveAuditAgency) - it was some professional look how to create good requrements for penetration test from customer side
"Unified Threat Management" by Andrey Loginov (SmartNet) - it was description why it was necessary to use UTM devices and how to do it
“Cybercrime economy” by Alex Bodryk - it was my report about reasons of people involvement in cybercrime economics

“Using digital certificates” by Ihor Kravchuk (МTS) - Igor tried to describe how to use mutual SSL and what problems would be topical during implementation process
So, there were many fascinating reports. The conference is growind. I am going to be on next conference.

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