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Data gathering

Maltego is a special search tool that can provide to you hundreds of links for useful resources, links on actors etc.

Maltego official site: Link
Maltego download page: Link
Maltego manuals: review, white paper, slides

Google Custom Search is a comprehensive search engine under list of sources.
You can add into list forums, blogs etc and get fast search and relevant results.
Simple but handy technology!

RSS is known and valuable technology, but one of the main points is a way how you obtain, manage and share feeds.
On my opinion the best way to do it is to use Google Reader.
This application provides possibilities to place feeds into folders, to rank messages and to return back to ranked messages and to use import\export option through OPML file format.
There are some more useful services: FeedBurner, Skyur and Page2RSS. They can find RSS thread in resource or extract data from pages and create RSS feed from such data.

And here is one more important thing - Google Alert, the service that provides instant updating of Google indexing base via RSS\email.
These services and Google search operators can provide unique and flexible results.
For example: search request "Gates site: microsoft.com" placed into Google Alert provides all\best results from microsoft.com
where Google will find keyword "Gates". Quantity of opportunities depend on user's imagination and view of researched topic.
Example of using Google Alert - Google Hacking Alert

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