четверг, 4 ноября 2010 г.

One more tool

Katana: Portable Multi-Boot Security Suite
Katana 2.0

Katana is a portable multi-boot security suite designed for many of your computer security needs. The idea behind this tool is to bring together all of the best security distributions to run from one USB drive. Katana includes distributions which focus on Pen-Testing, Auditing, Forensics, System Recovery, Network Analysis, Malware Removal and more.

Katana Bootable:
- Backtrack
- the Ultimate Boot CD
- Ultimate Boot CD for Windows
- Ophcrack Live
- Puppy Linux
- Trinity Rescue Kit
- Clonezilla
- Derik's Boot and Nuke

Katana Tool Kit:

- Metasploit
- Wireshark
- John the Ripper
- Cain & Able
- Firefox
- the Unstoppable Copier
- OllyDBG
- Cygwin
- ClamAV
- IECookiesView
- MozillaCacheView
- FreeOTFE
- FindSSN
- The Sleuth Kit
- OpenOffice
and many more.
I want it
Okay, you read it. I think it will be very useful and handy, but here is some specific - long time for extracting from archive. It will be handy to create disk image using Norton Ghost (or something else) from flash disk. I hope this hint will save hours for you.

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